Moving Policy Forward


With increasingly ambitious EU recycling and waste management targets, and policies that aim to maximise alternative sources of energy and resource recovery from waste, the pressure is on for individual countries to deliver ever more effective solutions for recycling and waste management. Food Waste Disposers have an important role to play in the toolbox of solutions that will be needed.

The Effectiveness of Dutch Municipal Recycling Policies

A study carried out by the Tinbergen Institute in Holland looks at the effectiveness of Dutch municipal recycling within the context of EU policy.  The Netherlands have a long history of policies to stimulate household recycling and Dutch municipalities recycle approximately 50%. Yet expert studies there have concluded it will not be possible to substantively improve their recycling rates using current traditional methods. It proposes further research and new approaches.

For full details download the report here


Value from Waste - Phosphorus

New ‘circular economy’ policies aim to recover critical resources from waste.  As concerns rise over the security of supply of phosphorus, the German environment protection agency supports the large scale recycling of phosphorus from municipal sewage sludge. Read the report here 

In Denmark, a government report supports the increased recovery of important nutrients from sewage sludge, particularly phosphorus. Its Resource Strategy aims to recycle 80% of phosphorus from sewage sludge by 2018, up from the current recycled rate of 50-55%. Read the report here.  As governments prioritise the recovery of phosphorus, potassium and nitrates, FWDs feeding into waste water treatment plants have a relevant contribution to make.

Read more about phosphorus and how governments are examining ways to leverage the potential of sewage sludge here.


Global Studies – The Science

Further independent scientific studies across the globe demonstrate the effectiveness of FWDs in achieving key environmental and waste targets.

Read the studies here