Food Waste Facts 



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  • An estimated 7.2 million tonnes per year of food and  drink waste is generated by UK households
  • 19% of food and drink brought into the home ends up as kitchen waste
  • On average, each household produces 270 kg of food waste a year, or 5 kg per week
  • 4.6 million tonnes per year (64%) is collected by Local Authorities  mainly through kerbside collection (98%)
  • Food waste represents 19% of the entire waste stream for Local  Authorities
  • 17 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent of greenhouse gas emissions is generated by food and drink waste


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Food waste is the most difficult fraction of biodegradable municipal waste to manage

  • 70% moisture content

  • Biodegrades rapidly so prone to become putrid, smelly and ooze leachate

  • Attracts scavengers

  • Respiratory risk to susceptible people when stored

  • Sticks to dry recyclables




  • Convenient

  • Take most food waste

  • Good carbon footprint
  • Hygienic – cleaner food preparation area